Android L/S clock for iPhone [Jailbroken]

Hi guys,

This is my first post but I like to browse the forums a lot.

I come to you because my endless searching has yielded no results...

I wish to get the Jelly Bean analog clock (see below) on my iPhone 4 lockscreen, as I am tired of the stock option and like these alternatives the best (My iPhone is jailbroken)




I would like the digital clock from Jelly Bean (see below)



If nobody has already made them (which I am surprised about) how hard would it be to make them?

Anyone have any good tutorial links on how to make lockscreens?

I am a quick learner and very resourceful, if I have to make them myself I will.


Thank you for your time, in return I give you this gif, as a token of my appreciation



Sean aka Squiz/Squizzly