RSS reader The Old Reader supports Metro IE Snapped View, Google Reader import

For a while now, I've been looking for a good RSS alternative ever since Google decided to pull the plug on Reader. At the same time, I've tried to snap every big website I've come across, and none, including a bunch of tech sites, reflowed to fit the smaller window; they just get scaled down because they don't employ the special tag for snapped sites.

Anyways, I ended up trying it on the "All Items" tab of The Old Reader, and I was pretty surprised when it reflowed perfectly and gave me a really useful view of my RSS feed.

I definitely recommend you check it out, though they have a waiting list for the Reader import (their servers are flooding, and people's feeds are queued as they come in). You can still manually add some feeds just to try it out though (I did this); when your file is finally imported, there won't be duplicates.

It's pretty awesome and huge kudos to the developers for embracing snapped view, it's awesome.