Microsoft can take the desktop away, it is useless.

UPDATE: I'm sorry, people have misunderstood my OP. This is a mockery of those people who think the Desktop is useless. I LOVE and I LIVE for the desktop because my productivity life, my college life depends on it, I don't want it to go away because it feels like my whole life is gone when it's gone. Some of ya'll are so mean, wishing me death and all that. I am saying that if they want to take the Desktop away, they should at least make the Metro Start just as effective and productive as the Desktop. I hope Desktop doesn't go away, and I hope it never will!


IF, they will let me resize the Metro app windows.

They can take away the desktop interface, and keep Metro UI AS LONG as I'm able to maximize, minimize, resize, and MOVE around the app windows.

Metro UI cannot BE full screen forever.

I don't want a WHOLE screen just to use a calculator, I don't want swipe so I can have two apps running side by side - the scaling will be hideous.

I want to be able to have QUICK access to other apps - I'm in IT, and I need immediate access to programs and apps. I'm not here for that swiping gestures.

This Metro app taking the whole screen, and not being able to be moved around and resized to preferences cannot go on forever.

If you can do those things for Windows 9, then you may take the desktop away for good, until then, taking the desktop UI away is a stupid and dumb mistake.

And PS. I am a loyal worshipper of Microsoft, the GODS of technology, King Nokia, the GODS of patents and mobiles, lord Elop for saving the mobile industry, but not so much for Baldmer. I want Lord Almighty Bill Gatessiah back!

Anyways, happy Easter!