Switching from iOS to android

Hi! I'm new to this website and forum :)
I am an iPhone user and have been so for the last 4 years. Tired of the OS that barely evolves if not at all and the non existence of widgets, I would like to switch to android. I have been analyzing the videos and tests on the Internet for the last 2 weeks and I have narrowed down my choice to 3-4 phones.
Sony Xperia Z Sony Xperia T Samsung galaxy S3 Nokia lumia 920
What I want? Expandable memory NFC Up-to-date phone New OS Really good screen quality

The Xperia Z is expensive but has NFC and expandable memory. It is up to date and the screen is really cool plus water/dust resistant.
The Xperia T is quite ok. NFC, expandable memory, up to date, screen smaller (which is fine with me, 5" is big!)
Same for the SGS3 except expensive.
The lumia 920 seems nice and the OS is new and seems fun. Doesn't have expandable memory and I don't think so for NFC either... I'm afraid the more tiles you have the less user-friendly it gets. Am I wrong?
Another issue is the battery problem. The SGS3 is the only one with a removable battery (ZeroLemon 7000mAh battery yayy). I don't need a 4 days battery but I want to be able not to charge my phone for 2 days in medium use (I'm not a gamer) and using battery saving mode.
So... What are you thoughts?
I've read a lot of times that "touchwiz is shit". I like sleek and minimalist things. Samsung is a bit too round and colorful for me. If I remove the touchwiz, will it be considered "rooted"? What does it change exactly?
- an iPhone user lost in the android world!