World Travel, Suggestions, plans and money.

Hi, i, male, 33, been thinking about a world trip for a while and just decided to go for it.

i will start in the next winter, around the end of november or december, depending on a couple of factors, such as plane tickets pricing, transiberian rail tickets/availability and savings.

I recently finished my second study, and need to decide what live is going to be for me in the next couple of years, i love to travel, have done it regularly my whole life but only for shorter periods of time, now i would like to try to be on the road for at least 6 months, but idealy for one year.

my plan is to work my ass out these nexts months, live with as little as possible, and save as much as i can, while doing this, i will try to plan a route that is as logical as possible to avoid long/expensive flights and try to see as much as i can of this wonderful world we live in (i would also like to do some volunteer work for short periods while traveling, so i will check oportunities for this too).

I know this is goinng to be expensive, and i will save every penny i can, but i also know it wont be enough, so i need to guarantee a way of making at least some money while on the trip, i have an adsense account and runned a couple of sites in the past but never made more than 200 usd a month when i used adds in my sites, i will give it a chance again and make a bigger effort this time, maybe i will even start a blog about what i see, do, experience and everything related to the trip, also start one about other topics i know about, but in the end i would like some suggestions of possible ways to make a little money so that i can stay abroad as long as possible.

i´m starting from Berlin, Germany and decided to go at first east, till i get to Russia and from there take the transiberian rail through Siberia, Mongolia till i get to Pekin and havent figgured out what the next step is going to be, i know i will stay maybe 3-5 weeks in china, want to go to korea too. India is also a must, i´ve been a couple of times to south east asia,, mainly thainland and vietnam, but also malasia and laos, would like to go to indonesia, cambodya, singapore and well everywhere, hehehe,

i also want to go to afrika and south america, australia and new zealand, in a lot of places i already know people, which is a great thing, will couch surf in some places, look for cheap hostels everywhere else.

will fly, take trains maybe even cover a part of the trip on a ship.

I have a big backpack and a smaller one that i use mostly to carry passport, money, mylaptop, and reader. for musik i use my smartphone (gnote2,, will try to get one with dual-sim capability-the china model i think)

i always try to travel light, i´m fluent in english, german and spanish,will start with chinesse in the next couple of weeks to have a better experience in china.

now, i need some suggestions and advice, maybe even some ideas of places to visit, what to take with me and what to avoid.

Thanks for your ideas and comments.