Looking to take a dive into the Microsoft ecosystem.

I'm currently trying to sift through all of the opinions on Windows 8, Surface pro and Windowsphone 8 to decide if it is really for me. My other option that I've grown particularly fond with is Google's new ecosystem that I believe is possible to use to a full potential with the intense use of the cloud. This being a Chromebook, the next Nexus phone, and a Nexus 7 tablet. I want to move to T-mobile because I hate being tied down to a certain phone on contract (Currently on Verizon). I would rather buy an unlocked phone and run a sim card. Im a student studying Product design in Philadelphia. So if you guys wouldn't mind I have a few questions I need opinions on related to my current situation, being a student studying a Design based major. I currently am running a macbook pro 15'' from 2011, an Iphone 4s and a Nexus 7 tablet. I'll break this down into sections for each product I would be using.

Windows 8 and the Surface Pro.

So a few opinions I have off the bat:

-I love the idea of Surface Pro. It makes so much sense for me, being able to go from tablet to laptop style it just makes sense. No need for a tablet because your computer can do those things due to its shifting form factor. Also all being under 2 pounds.

-If I were to get a Surface Pro I would probably get the type cover because It's definitely more comfortable than the touch cover (I have played around with a Surface Pro for a little bit in some stores).

-I would use applications such as Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Rhino, SolidWorks, Word and Powerpoint. There are other applications I would imagine myself using later on though so the legacy apps running on Surface definitely makes sense for flexibility.

-The One Note application sounds really nice compared to the equivalent from Google being Keep. Sketching as if the computer were a piece of paper works better for me, I could be drawing at times a lot more than writing something.

-I love the addition of a stylus!

-I'm not really worried about the lack of applications for the Windows store due to legacy applications, should I be?


-I don't understand Skydrive, what does it do exactly? and Does it cost anything?

-Does OneNote come with Office? or do you have to purchase it separately?

-Why on Microsofts website does it say you are buying the most recent office for a "1-year subscription including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and cloud services."?

-Should I wait for Surface Pro 2.0 to come out due to the 4 hour battery life, and investment that is roughly $1200? Do you think they will improve battery life in their next model or possibly create a keyboard add on with a battery in it?

-Same thing with Xbox music as with Skydrive, I don't really know much about it, would you care to elaborate on it? I know it requires an xbox gold subscription, which I have because I have xbox and plan on purchasing the next one, but isn't there another fee? Can you create playlists?

-What other applications are in windows 8 that I should be focusing my attention to?

Windows Phone 8.


-I would probably get the 920.

-I really like the standard interface and livetiles. Definitely a beautiful UI.

-I own an Iphone 4s at the moment and I don't really use that many apps. The only ones I'm concerned about are Instagram, a TD bank app and a maps/navigation app. I know Nokia maps exists but will it do the job? Otherwise I'm not too concerned with app availabilty.

-Since I will be deeply integrated into the windows ecosystem what apps should I be aware of that will improve my experience?

-How does skydrive work with windowsphone?

-Is there any photo syncing like apple's photostream?

-Since I wan't to move to T-mobile because of the openness of their system, can I get an unlocked phone like the 920 and throw a sim card in it?

-Can you run a wifi hotspot from the 920? Or Windows phone in general?

-AAND last question, due to the increase in rumors and speculation should I wait for this 928? or do you think It wouldn't be able to run unlocked on T-mobile's network? Is the possible Surface phone a year-ish or more into the future?

Thanks for the input, I've been putting way to much thought into this switch and I really needed to get some feedback on what I've been looking at.