how to make Windows 7 bootable disc?

I'm using HP Probok 4530 which came with preinstalled windows 7 home premium and with no windows had the following partitions:

Local Disk C(276GB)containing windows

HP Recovery(D)total of 16.3 Gb and 2.45 free space

HP Tools 4.99 Gb with 2.13 Gb free

i need to create a bootable disk that can help me to reinstall windows and that allows me to re partition my harddrive

i searched the net and got confused between recovery disk and repair disk.then i found that neither of them was the disc i needed.because repair discs only allow you to repair windows where as recovery discs move your pc to the time when you created the discs.what i need is such a disc which re installs my pc and i dont have to format my other partitions and they remain undisturbed,containing the data.

before this laptop i had a dell inspiron 1525(which originally came with windows vista) which i bought used and it came with a disc that allowed me to re install the windows just the way i want it right now.that was a single disc but the recovery discs are usually in 5-6 discs which i couldnt understand why.i dont need to backup my softwares on recovery disc and want to keep it in other partitiion which does not contain windows.(and hence i'll not bee needing to disturb those partitions ).the reason i'm unwilling to use recovery discs is that they will delete the date i downloaded after making recovery discs and also repartition my drive to an earlier time

please tell me which kind of disc i'm actually needing and how to create it.

another question.if i format my local drive c,can i still use recovery partition to recover windows?