Group Video Chat w/ RT

I've been running into some frustration with my Surface RT (which is rare for me).

I'm in need of an app to do group video chats on my Surface RT with distant family and friends.

Many of them use google services so that's been our go-to in the past, however, Google refuses to support the Win8 marketplace so that option is off the table.

We've used Skype in the past for one-to-one chats, however, Skype charges for group video chats. I really think this feature ought to be free - especially if they want to make Skype the default video chat application (as it has been) and remain competitive against google. I already pay $60/year for xbox live, so I'm not wanting to double that just for group chats. They have a day-pass option but that's not all that attractive to me at $5/day.

I've been searching for alternatives, but so far I've not had much luck. Has anyone else had similar problems? Any solutions out there I'm overlooking?