is this your lumia 920 experience lately?

so i was doing some video chat with parents today; my face looked terrible, as though i was 20 years older and my walls and ceilings looked grayish eventhough they are white. i switched to the gmail video chat and the ceilings and walls appeared white as they should and my face looked presentable to my parents too.

now i realize that the front facing camera is just as bad as the rear camera when it comes to daylight and light colors. dont matter how many updates nokia sends out, their software-- that processes human skin color and daylight and light colors in general--still sucks and it sucks big time. actually the rear camera still produces washed out images and it still gets confused in daylight. i point to my white wall and take several pictures and i swear each picture had a somewhat different shade of white; what the heck? what is wrong with them? why can't they get it right?

also, i kinda feel very stupid buying the phone off contract when it turned out that phone plans are the same at at and t regardless of whether or not u r on contract. i feel totally stupid about that. it's like a threw 350$ down the drain. and now that it's free, i feel i threw 450$ down the drain. sucks!

also, wp8 is beginning to piss me of for the following reasons:

1-no autocorrect and voice input on internet explorer is pretty lame and shows how backwards wp8 is, compared to android where there is autocorrect and voice input everywhere.

2-when you hang up phone, the black half-screen-- that descends with the number of the person u were talking to--lingers way too long. it's very lame and you feel that the phone is slow. i am like "common already, i hang up and now i wanna do something else, go away stupid effin screen"'s beginning to really annoy me.

3-also, sometimes when i am on phone, the screen goes black and i cannot interact with the phone; very lame.

4-toast notifications are getting in the way. sometimes i wanna click something that remains covered by the effin toast notification that just lingers way too long.

5- so the apps are still not coming. i believe this will take years. xbox is just a gimmick on the phone. skype sucks and does not really work because you and the other person have to manually log in; viber voice is not coming anytime soon.

6-wp8 is laggy: before you start yelling, understand what i mean by laggy: scrolling and transitions and app opening are pretty smooth and fast but getting things done is actually slow and requires way too many clicks. also boot up is mad slow.

7-it is still complicated to me how to set up vibrate versus ring in seperate applications like messaging versus new email versus ringtone....i dunno it's too complicated.

at this point, what i feel towards my phone is how i felt towards my previous android phones: i dont like it at all but i dont have a better option

how many of you are contemplating what i am contemplating: sell the lumia 920 and get the next nexus phone. maybe i will reconsider wp in the future when it gets better.

seriously, fanatic nonsense aside, how many people see the lameness of camera in daylight? how many are beginning to see the lameness of wp8?