AppleCare Support accidentally wiped all of my iTunes content, now they won't fix it.

I'm hoping somebody here might have had a similar issue and be able to help me.

Here is the long an painful story.

Saturday at about 10am Central European Time I called Apple to help me with a billing problem. My card wasn't being accepted.

So the AppleCare rep told me it was because I was using a Swedish credit card. I have recently moved from the UK to Sweden. So this made sense. She said I needed to switch my account to be a Swedish one and it would be OK. So I asked. If I do this. Will I still be able to download my apps and media from the purchased tab, the same as I always have. She said yes. So I went ahead and did it. As soon as it happened. I checked the Purchased tab. Nothing there. Nothing in the App Store. iTunes or the Mac App Store. All media gone.

I have autism and dyslexia, so I record all my support calls incase I need to review them later or if I forget something I was told.

Here is the part of the call where it all goes wrong...

I asked her how so get my stuff back. But she didn't know. Neither did her supervisor. Or the other half a dozen various Apple support agents I asked from around the world. UK, Sweden and even called the US support line. I was on the phone for newly 10 hours trying to get my stuff back. I still don't have a full answer. I might never get it back. I had 1000's of apps. And a reasonable collection of other iTunes media like videos and iBooks stuff. All gone. I need some of those apps to help me with everyday life, like translating words I don't understand or helping me remember things and help with with things like organising myself. and with the recent 6.1 software updates I don't have them all currently installed. I've been relying on iTunes in the Cloud to them but now they've all gone.

Apple won't give any solutions that don't involve repurchasing the apps or just accepting to never have some of them.

Has anybody had this happen to them? Did you get it fixed?

Any advice would be very help full..

Please forgive any spelling mistakes or typos, I had to use Dictation for most of this so I sometimes mess it up.

EDIT: She didn't create a new account, she converted the current one.