Top 15 reasons to jailbreak your iPhone


I've owned five generations of iPhones (3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and 5) and I've jailbroken every one of them.

Figured I'd show off my current setup. Lot's to see here. Let's do this!

And yes, I pay for my tweaks. I've spent around $15 and it's totally worth it.

Master list




If you follow The Verge or our forums closely, you should know about Auxo. It enhances the multitasking tray —displays the full app instead of the icon, gives access to a bunch of shortcuts with a right swipe (Wi-Fi, Airplane mode, flashlight, respring, etc)



Ah, Barrel. Probably my favorite jailbreak tweak — Barrel animates your homescreen icons and there's a ton of customizations to choose from. My favorite is 'curl and roll away' (pictured above).



DietBar shrinks the status bar of any app, and you have the option of enabling / disabling it for all system apps as well as downloaded apps. I think it makes things looks nice and clean, and gives you a bit of extra screen real estate.



Notifications done right. Looks way better than that ugly white bar that takes up way more space than it should, right?


If you're familiar with f.lux on the desktop, you'll feel right at home with f.lux on the iPhone. Its options are a bit different here, though. You can choose from candle, incandescent, halogen, and florescent. If you don't know what f.lux is, check it out here.


Your iPhone, on cocaine. Seriously though, this tweak speeds up iPhone animations. I've got it set to x 1.2 — any faster and it it makes me nauseous.


Haptic feedback for typing. I cannot live without this tweak now that I've been using it for a couple weeks, and it has significantly improved my typing accuracy.


If you're on an iPhone 5 and use apps that somehow are still not updated to support the 4-inch screen (*cough cough*), this solves that problem. It works surprisingly well and I've yet to run into an app that it doesn't play nicely with.



Notice that my icons are smaller than usual? Did you notice that none of them have labels, either? Springtomize does that, and a TON more. I won't detail its capabilities, but I should mention that you can disable folder animations with this tweak. Game changer.

Old TV animation


Buried in Springtomize is this gem. Just another reason to jailbreak.



Stride is an awesome way of securing your iPhone — you can draw a password (virtually anything) and customize the accuracy needed. Additionally, Stride lets you can skip 'slide to unlock.' So when I go to unlock my phone, all I have to do is draw my password.


Self explanatory.

Five Icon Dock

Not sure how Apple doesn't allow this yet, but it's pretty much a no-brainer.



I just found out about this tweak the other day — when someone is sending you a message (in the act of typing), you'll be notified in the status bar.

If you have any awesome tweaks that you want to sure, please do! Always looking to make my iPhone even better than it is now.