Considering selling my MacBook Air & buying a Windows 8 tablet... But I have some questions

Hey guys,

I bought a specced out 13" MBA as a treat for myself about half a year ago (to celebrate me attaining a second Master's degree) but I've come to realise that this device is absolute over kill for what I do with it. So I'm looking to sell it at a minor loss (while it's still the latest and greatest thing) and getting something cheaper that better suits my needs. And since I absolutely love browsing the internet on my mom's iPad, it HAS to be a tablet as well. An iPad won't do however, because I need:

- Video out to any device I want (mainly to watch movies through a projector)

- A torrent client

- A file system

- VLC (or whatever ensures it'll play ANY 1080p video file without troubles)

Then again, I also don't think Windows RT suffices right now because I also need:

- A decent photo management/retouching app (I love iPhoto but could settle for something a little less awesome)

- Spotify (XBox music is not available in Europe and I think it'll be a while before it comes to Belgium)

I'm also really tempted by the Asus Transformer form factor, because of increased battery life, and from time to time I will be typing lengthy stuff and then a physical keyboard comes in handy. I played with an Asus Windows 8 tablet that appeared to run the full Windows 8 AND came with a keyboard dock, but it was rather pricy and used an Intel Atom processor... I'm a bit affraid that the next iteration of Windows will only run on full 64 bit processors and such a machine might thus become obsolete rather quickly.

So I'm basically looking for a Surface Pro with better battery life and an actual keyboard dock, or that Asus machine (forgot the name) with a future proof processor :-)

Is there such a device on the horizon? Or can you guys give me other suggestions? Many thanks in advance!