Where can everyone do better?

Let's start a discussion. On each individual company and what it is that means they don't have 90% market share. (I would say 100% but realistically there will always be those people who refuse to buy something simply because everyone else buys it.)

I'll use my views as an example.

Samsung need to use better materials and need to make their devices more aesthetically pleasing. Battery life could do better on some devices too. And I think Touchwiz is probably in last place if I were to rank all the different Android Launchers in order from best to worst.

HTC need to step up their battery life a lot. They are right that the mAH of a battery means nothing really, but a 2,020 mAH battery in a 5" phone with a full HD display and a Quad Core 1.5GHz processor isn't gonna last all day at all really.. Sense I like actually, I prefer stock and would love if they'd make stock phones too, but Sense isn't a killer. It's a close 2nd.

Sony make devices that are a bit Jack-of-all-trades, master of none. They always have solid specs, but never anything that gives them a major selling point. No innovation really.

Apple. I'll not go into them too much. I'm not actually sure why the iPhone sells at all. Anything it has, there is an equivalent if not better Android version for much cheaper.

LG are always a bit behind everyone else. They released a full HD phone after HTC, Oppo and Sony had already, they made a 5.5" phablet months after the Galaxy Note had been out. I think they could do better if they just did things faster, they're never a leader, always a follower.

Nokia aren't really doing anything wrong at the minute. They stuck with Symbian until it crashed and drowned and tried to jump ship to Windows Phone. I think they landed there successfully, it'll just take a while before they start to become relevant again. After all, Windows Phone isn't on top of the market itself..

So what do you think? What would each company have to change for you to buy from them?