iDon't know why iShould care about an iWatch??

Uh oh, here Dr. Brad goes again! He's a troll who only writes negative stuff about Apple...anyway, now that that is out of the way, let's have an actual discussion and please refrain from calling me or anyone a troll, it is boring.

With that out of the way, now that iWatch rumors are reaching a feverish pitch, I just don't understand why I or anyone should care about an iWatch?

When the iPod originally came out, I had a terrible MP3 player that barely worked. I was already heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem, and my draw dropped when I saw how beautiful, and simple their version of a digital jukebox was.

When the iPhone was originally announced, I instnatly looked at my Palm 600 and thought "uggg...this phone just became an instant dinosaur." Apple's iPhone was so radically different, and so elegant in its simplicity, the moment I held it I had no problem dropping $700. This was the pinnacle of Apple rumor mill excitement, keynote showmanship, and an Apple product delivering on the hype.

Again, with the iPad I was first in line, and put my laptop in the closet where it would collect dust until I finally disgarded it. My iPad 3 has become my most beloved, most used Apple product ever. It is questionable whether the iPad announcment lived up to the Apple tablet hype, but what is not questionable is how sucessful it turned out to be. It defined a catagory.

That brings us to this "iWatch" everyone is talking about. For starters...I don't where a watch! I own several watches, but all they do is tell time, and my iPhone, and iPad both do that, so I don't where them. It is almost the answer to a question no one is asking about!

While I'm sure Apple's implementation of an "iWatch" will be dramatically different from anything we've seen before, I just don't understand why THIS is the direction they have chosen to take? The iTV makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE! As Tim Cook has stated, Television is a market just ripe for disruption. While Steve Jobs has stated it is a go to market strategy, we are talking about Apple here! If anyone can get this done, it's them!

So I ask my fellow Verge the alleged "iWatch" an answer to a question no one is asking? Or, when Apple finally releases this rumored device, will the public line up in droves to purchase it?