German government orders secure mobile communication system based on BlackBerry Z10 and Samsung S3

I tipped the Verge but they are not reporting this. So I post it here:

The German newspaper "Wirtschaftswoche" (Economy Week) reports that Deutsche Telekom daughter T-Systems and security experts Secusmart were awared a contract for a secure mobile communication system. The headline reads: "New smartphones for (Angela) Merkel from Samsung und Blackberry".

The order includes shipment of 10.000 secure smartphones which will encrypt phone calls as well as emails. Both companies will ship 5000 of the phones each. The phones will have separation of private and business spaces (the description sounds like BB Balance). T-Systems will use their "Simko3" solution based on Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3 while Secusmart will use the BlackBerry Z10.

The article says that this is a "small sensation" since the German government office for IT security (the BSI) had deemed Blackberrys as insecure for government use since some years because certain (friendly) foreign intelligence services could get access to sensible data by design (iPhones are still deemed insecure btw.). But because the new Blackberry devices do not require to use the old network infrastructure this is no longer a problem.

Source (in German):

I googled Secusmart and this is the product page for their security solution based on Blackberry 10:

Apparently they plan to make an official announcement at the Cebit trade show which starts on Tuesday in Hannover.