The Play Store Needs a Redesign (With Picture)

The Play Store currently seems to be one giant hodge podge of flyers advertising the fact that there is content but impeding access to such content.

Google should redesign it in line with Holo 2.0 and the rest of Android and put the content front and center.



The rows show a combination of innovative apps, trending apps, apps with just good design, apps on sale, or other content Google wants to show case.

Each card has a few options. Tap on the image to go directly to the content's page.

Tap the review stars to show a pop-up with reviews.

Tap the i circle to show a pop-up with a description, recent updates, and a price.

Tap the arrow to download or go to the transaction pop-up.

This set-up would put content front and center in a simpler manner and look much more beautiful than the 8th grade art project currently called the Play Store.