Eye tracking technology? OMG Could all of this be real?

The verge says Galaxy S4 will feature this amazing new technology & it will be possible to navigate through web pages using this technology for now.

But we know this technology can have lot more potential than that. Peeking into future with this tech I can imagine:

1. Eye Tracking keyboard. Will beat anything else out there.

2. Scrolling through homescreens with eye movement and launching apps with eye blinking!!

3. Games specially designed for eye tracking movement. Angry birds Space & Temple run will be major contenders here. Imagine playing temple run with just the eye movement!!!

& many many more.

This technology has amazing potential and can be visualized as:

1. eye movement = using thumb on the screen.

2. eye blink = single tap on the screen.

3. Long eye blink = long tap on the screen for the option.

So, could all this be true??