what keeps you hanging on?

so i have a lumia 920 (red) and i love it. i love it because it is the coolest phone i have ever seen and owned. it has a decent camera, and a gorgeous screen. as far as the OS, i like its smoothness and its aesthetics. also skydrive and office are superb! just excellent!

but i have a few issues with wp8; i wonder if others have the same gripes, and for those who have decided to hang in there with wp, guys: what keeps you hanging on to wp in spite of its shortcomings?

here are my gripes:

1-apps: essential apps that truly increase the utility of the smartphone like voice call on viber, venmo, mobile banking app for wells fargo, are still lacking. in fact, i approached venmo devs and they made it clear to me that they are not considering wp at all. also as a med student, it is a shame that epocrates is not considering wp also pharmacopea tarascon. it really is a shame. i also wish citrix was there to ease my work at the hospital. again, these are not bs apps like instacrap and other nonsense. these are important apps that make the smartphone more important and more useful. i used to use venmo to pay rent, groceries, and electric bill. now i have to use venmo on my lame android transformer tablet.

2-keyboard: why in the world would you remove the down arrow from the keyboard? why why why? i need to use it so badly whenever i am entering the first few letters of a search item and then i see the full wording down in the list of recent searches that pops up. also i wish there was a left arrow too.

3-voice/dictation: MS has an awesome dictation system, that i take good advantage of in txt, email and bing search. but why is it not enabled when you try to search for something in internet explorer? why? also dictation is not available in many other apps that could use it.

4-word suggestion: again, MS has the best word suggestion system, superior to that in ios and android; but just like MS's incredibly accurate dictation system, it is not as widely implemented in the OS as it should. i truly hope that dictation and word suggest would both be implemented in the entire OS.

5-dial: it takes 4 clicks/swipes (when the screen is dimed black) to get to the dial pad on wp8. then you can finally dial the number, and when you do, the phone does not give you a list of possible contacts.....so 4 clicks is imho too many clicks to reach the dial pad; the dial pad should appear in the lower half of the history screen in stead of seeing the history screen first. dialing with a dumb or feature phone is faster i think, which is lame on wp part.

6-hotmail: okay, so this one is a serious issue for me: you'd think MS would be the company that does business and email stuff but for some odd reason, outlook/hotmail on wp automatically deletes old emails. for instance, you get an email today and you decide to not delete it and to reply to it in 2 weeks. but after 2 weeks that email is gone, and you cannot find it if you search. you'd think that that happens because there is a limit to how many emails can be in your mobile outlook/hotmail at anytime but mind you, that limit is too small. it's like what? 20 emails...ridiculous and with such a small number of permited emails in your email box, what's the point of an email search engine anyways? this is not just lame but it is pretty bad. i dont like android but if android did one thing right, it was gmail. why is MS so lame at mobile version of outlook like that? why?

7-camera software: it takes 7 clicks to reach the brightness toggle once you are in a certain photo that u wish to edit! 7!!!! why so many clicks to do something that takes like 3 clicks on android or ios? i am not tired of clicking but common, 7 clicks to get to brightness and that's off course after having done it so many times that i remember the sequence of clicks. in the beginning i would click around 12 times to get to the brightness toggle. also a lot of functions related to maps and navigation and directions i feel take way more clicks than they do on ios or android.

8-nokia maps: why is drive navigation not in the maps app? why? also has anybody noticed that nokia maps sometimes leads you to businesses that dont exist, which is a waste of time, miles, and gas. they need to improve maps in the U.S. also the moaps app and navigation are kinda slow to load. has anybody noticed that?

9-skype: u'd think that skype would be amazing on wp8. but i suspect that skype works better on ios. for instance, when i open the app, i can see my friend as available eventhoug his iphone's screen has timed out and is black. yet if i am actually not in the skype app on my lumia, my friend won't see me as logged in and available! this is very lame because i depend on skype to talk to my parents who live in Brussels. it really is a shame.

10-some menus such as system settings are not by alphabetical order, which i find very very strange. not a big deal but it does frustrate me sometimes.

aight nough bitching...do you guys have the same gripes; also, do you know if any of these are going to be addressed in the next version of wp?