Five Reasons Why Windows 8 Won't Failed

1. Vista came 5 years after Win XP, nevertheless after almost 3 years from the released date till October 2009 it had gained 19% market share which = 76 million of the 400 million internet user.And Windows 8 came 2 years after the most succeed OS Win 7, more over it has gained 2.67% market share after only 3 months from its released date which = 64 million of 2.4 million internet users till June 2012 ( the market share percentage provided by Net Application was not included the sales of Win RT, Surface Pro, OEM Win 8 Tablet and for sure the number on internet user has been increased since last June). 2. For only 3 months Win 8 has achieved 84% of Win Vista had achieved in 3 years, instead of the consumers variety of product option for surfing the net such as; Mobile, Phablet, Tablet, Chrome, etc… 3. The main differences and benefits on using a Modern UI (Metro): (a) Application instead of its Desktop mode respective Application and Pinning your favorite website ( User Interface & Preference). (b) It introduces a new way of using multiple applications with a more intuitive interface. (c) The new tiles are "live" You will be able to easily see your calendar and appointments in the "Mail" App, comments and updates from all of a user's social media applications and current weather all live in the new UI's . (d) There are lots of hot-key uses of the "Windows" key + the Charm gestures. etc.... 4.Windows 8 Desktop: The capabilities of the new OS is not limited & you have more options and function "though you can still use it as Win7 (for example; please try to use Office 360). 5. Recently and before launching Win RT and Win 8 there were no present of Microsoft Windows in t the product market share segment (No matter of what market share gained by these 2 new OS's will be considered as new sources of income to MS and its partners.