Interesting article on the dearth of municipal broadband in larger cities

Only smaller towns can get municipal broadband done?

I had not looked into the municipal broadband issue for several months, but that article on sony rolling out a 4k video service reminded me of that assertion by some knuckle dragging cable company that there was no demand for faster internet than what they were providing.

Of course when (not if, WHEN) 4k content and tvs are more common, there will be a great deal of demand. I don't think google fiber will be fast enough or will be infused with enough capital to serve the nation with gbps+ speeds, and so the only force large enough to shake up the cable/telco monopolies would seem to be municipal broadband.

The depressing thing about that article is that it seems that there is no groundswell in larger cities for that sort of move, and without that sort of support I think the current players will drag their feet as long as they can.