What happened to good discussion?

I suppose I could be naive, or I could just be unrealistic, but when The Verge started one of the things I was looking forward to most was good discussion in the comments and forums. Without all the fanboy-ism, without all the ridiculous back and forth that plague other tech news sites.

I may be unrealistic in expecting it to stay like that, but I do remember it was like that, at least partially when The Verge first launched. I don't remember when it stopped, but I do know that the comments are just as bad as on other sites now.

The threads usually start off innocently enough, but very quickly degrade into useless conversation that benefits no one and makes both camps look ridiculous.

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I don't know what the answer is, nor if there even is one, it just saddens me that the comments have degraded to this point on the one site I thought may be able to fight against it. I suppose it comes with the growth of a site and there's not a whole lot that could be done about it.