March Reading Schedule: H.P. Lovecraft


Hey all, we're getting started just a little late on Lovecraft... unsettlingly late, you might say. We've got At the Mountains of Madness and a few short stories, so we're going to mix up the order a little. If you have a Lovecraft compendium sitting around (and don't we all?) that's fine; otherwise, we're reading from At the Mountains of Madness: And Other Tales of Terror, a collection from 1991.

  • March 9th: At the Mountains of Madness, parts I through VIII
  • March 16th: At the Mountains of Madness, parts IX through end, and "The Statement of Randolph Carter"
  • March 23rd: "The Dreams in the Witch-House"
  • March 30th: "The Shunned House"

Utterances from a language lost to man may be left below. Tekeli-li!

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