PassBook and the iWatch

So I have just finished listening to the latest Verge Mobile Show from MWC, there was a lot of talk about Samsung’s new wallet app and how it was a copy of Apples PassBook etc. They got pretty in depth and some upset on the show about how they didn't make it work with NFC also the same as Apples PassBook.

Over the last few days the so called iWatch rumors have been flowing through, and The Verge sources themselves have been talking. So it might run iOS and it might make calls but what about PassBook this could be the perfect companion!

When the iPhone 5 was first released everyone was going crazy because it did not include NFC. What if Apple was thinking ahead? Imagine the iWatch did have the NFC chip it would tether to your iphone and you could then pay with the iWatch!

Think about it, know need to take your phone out it would save putting an NFC chip in the iPhone which would also explain why they are struggling to get 4-5 days out of the iWatch when they are testing it just now.

Overall it would be the selling point of the iWatch. No doubt apple would come up with usual cheesy quotes such as “The perfect companion for your Iphone” and no doubt something like “Pay people with your time” etc.

It seems very out there I know but this would make the watch unique, give people NFC and make it easy for people to accept why they would want or even need an iWatch.

So whats everyones thoughts and would you like NFC in an iWatch? Or would you think it was stupid paying for shopping with your watch?