LTE-Only, Huh? Bring it On

Hey Android Army,

I wrote this post a while back called The Nexus Line and Why VoLTE Matters when the Nexus 4 just came out. I think many of the things in which I postulated are starting to take shape. Verizon has announced a move to go to LTE-Only phones, which is major for basically everything I hypothesized to work. In addition SoC are getting much more advanced with Tegra 4 providing a software LTE modem and Qualcomm doing big things with LTE on their chips also. All this is just setting the stage for an LTE Only Nexus which we could easily see in 2014.

The biggest thing here is that LTE is open Access and with a LTE-Only phone not jailed by CDMA on board, we would be freed from the shackles of Verizon.....hopefully.

So here is my theory...

I think this was all being planned out by Google since it bid on the spectrum back in 2008. Google knew they were the only company, with enough cash to drive the price of the LTE spectrum to Open Access levels. In addition Google probably knew that one major carrier would budge as the last thing ATT, T-Mob. or Verizon would want is Google owning enough LTE spectrum to launch their own (probably better) mobile network. In addition, Google did not have the resources or the in place infrastructure to build out a massive LTE network so fast, but wanted to make sure their users had unrestricted access once it goes live. Think WiFi tethering. Verizon does come after people who use because they are nice, it is because they legally can't under open access provisions.

In the end the Nexus 4 was Google saying been there, tried that, moving on. They knew it is just going to be a matter of a couple of years before VoLTE is widespread, and by then they would not have to even deal with Verizon. I think they chose not to dilute their Nexus brand with Verizon's shenanigans, and just wait a little bit. In the mean time...hopefully, they can get Motorola to produce a semi decent phone to suffice. But hey all conspiracy theories...right? What do you all think?