Mac RSS reader w/o Google Reader account

Some of the nicest looking and highest rated RSS readers for the Mac (such as Reader) all require a Google Reader account. I don't have such an account and will not be signing up for one.

The only app I've had any success with is NetNewWire, but it's starting to look old. So what are some quality alternatives?

Update: I've freshened up the look of NetNewsWire by creating my own CSS stylesheet for article display, so that helps for now, though I'd still like an updated interface. Also, commenter de_dust suggested using IFTTT to send RSS updates to an app like Pocket, which has multiple synced clients. I liked the idea of that but don't enjoy some of the UX of Pocket. Still, perhaps another app like Evernote might work better with IFTTT. I'm going to try that next. Now that Google Reader will be shutting down (yikes) there may be more people in the same boat I am.