Office preview: kill it ! (with Task Scheduler?)

Hi !

I have downloaded the office 2013 preview version ("Office 15 beta") some time ago, and now I got an email from MS telling me that it would expire on March, 17th.

Now it happened that I recently checked the Task Scheduler in Windows 8 and discovered a certain task called "Office subscription maintenance" that updates every day or so. Now I might be wrong and this task might already be here from day zero, but maybe I'm right:

If I could get to kill that task, couldn't I keep my Office ?

Problem: since it's not part of the personal library (in the Task Manager):

- it's not a task that you could modify from within the Task Scheduler and

- there's no path that links to the corresponding exe file.

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but maybe someone is interested...

TL;DR: need a way to kill any pre-installed task that appears in the Task Scheduler.


I feel somehow guilty for trying to "pirate" it, but oh well, I'm not sure if I would have gotten the same reactions over there on DYI/hacks.

And yes, I'd buy any kind of software I'd need, if I could. 100 bucks isn't the world, but the temptation is too big.



- FoS