Staying iOS/Returning Android dilemma

Every time I have a doubt, something I need someone to give me his/her opinion, I turn to this forums.

This time is about which mobile OS should I start my college year with. I bought a month ago an iPhone 5, after selling my Droid 2 (which had CM 10). But I am already hesitant if iOS is what I should use. That is why I am considering selling my iPhone in order to buy a Nexus 4.

However, I know that Nexus 4 has it's disadvantages, like the camera and the glass back. And some even say that the battery is not good. Things I am guaranteed with the iPhone.

The reasons I miss Android is because of customization (I know jailbreak is available, but I have seen jailbroken iPods and they are so sluggish), options in many regards like sharing (I miss easy Pocket adding) and some minor stuff like some interface aspects, some apps (PocketCast, WhatsApp) and notification, syncing options.

Having read what I think are pros and cons of each OS and phones, I would like to hear your opinion, which phone is better, which OS would be a better option.

Thank you very much.