iPhone 5S: What's the X-factor?

The announcement of the iPhone 5 a half year back now caused quite a furore in Apple-land, quite unlike what one would expect after the launch of a flagship device. People complained of the loss of innovation and Apple's doomsayers had a field day, which has over time matured into about 6 months of Apple hate.

But they got a bit confused with their words I guess. What they meant was the Wow factor or the X-factor, I believe. Every iPhone yet has had something or the other that makes it stand out against all other devices, including older iPhones in most cases. Apple relied on the build and compactness of the 5 to become that X-factor. But, it didn't work out, and was instead perceived as the build up of inability within Apple to make up go "WOW!" with their stuff anymore.

Now with the stocks falling, Apple desperately need the next iPhone to stand out as obviously as previous ones have. But the question is, how will it?

Rumours speak of an iPhone 5 with upgraded internals, a better camera, and some newer display tech.

But that isn't exactly wow in the eyes of the masses now, is it?

So what can be the X-factor? A stereotypically Apple-like consumer-friendly way to use NFC? A freakin fingerprint reader? What do you guys think will bring the halo-esque sheen of old back to the flagship iPhone?