iPad mini: Will it ever be a true flagship?

The current 1st-gen iPad mini is nowhere near being an Apple flagship device. It has a two-year-old SoC, half the RAM of the flagship phone and tablet and a low-res screen.

Rumours say that the 2nd-gen will have the Apple trademark Retina display and an A6X SoC, coupled with double the RAM and a few other additions in line with those on other iOS products.

Still, that's 4th-gen iPad material. That's sooooo 2012. The 2013 iPad is supposed to better that by as much as the 4th-gen did the mini.

But given the immensely positive response that the iPad mini, despite being objectively underpowered received from critics and users alike, one would expect Apple to promote the mini to flagship status. But if the rumours about Apple's future products come true as they tend to of late, that isn't the case, at least not for this year.

My simple question to you guys is this: Will the iPad mini EVER have the same specs in every respect as the full-sized iPad? And why or why not?

EDIT: This is NOT about me wanting the latest specs on the mini as some have misconstrued. It's about an entirely different issue altogether - software updates. I too am a long-time iOS user and understand that iOS doesn't need the same monster specs as a certain rival platform does to run without a hitch, but unlike with smartphones, a tablet is a bit more of a long-term purchase. A last-gen SoC is bound to receive one less software upgrade against a new one. I don't really care for the specs as long as the Retina mini I'm planning on buying is guaranteed to receive the same updates that the new iPad will.