Sick of Windows Phone...

1) I'm trying to download:

The installation isn't working, after numerous different attempts, the installation is stuck at 'the application is ready to install'.

Secondly, how the hell is this still in PREVIEW, Microsoft is a huge company, with a mass of resources, yet they cannot introduce a proper desktop client for Windows Phone... MONTHS after release.

2) An update appeared (post-portico) on my device two days ago. It fails to download, being stuck at 0%, I'm unsure if there's another method to download and apply the update at this stage.

3) Touted features not arriving - sure it's carrier dependent, but this would be a fantastic addition to Windows Phone, there's a few other things stated during the release of Windows Phone (and Surface) that simply haven't arrived, one I clearly remember was a limited time, free, Xbox Music pass.

4) Nokia exclusives. Sure, it's great for the Lumia brand and Nokia is looking after number one - but it's pretty tiresome that Microsoft isn't doing more than Nokia on the app front (seemingly). Nokia devices are getting user configurable display colour settings soon. Why can't MS just implement this for ALL Windows Phone's, native to the OS?

5) The update pace still is really slow. New features need to be added fast, to be honest, the platform feels almost the same as it did when it first released when I had the HTC Mozart.

6) Xbox video integration? *sigh*

7) Skype...URGH.

8) HTC: The discoloration on my 8X and 8S is so frustrating, I've posted about this so many times here, and I really do think that's ruined my experience.

I've had two Lumia's (800), a few Mozart's, a Titan and the HTC 8S and 8X, and now it's getting boring supporting a platform that really has moved so slowly since release. I went for the 8X because of the screen size and carrier availability, I didn't want the 920, and really believed that a company touting a SIGNATURE WINDOWS PHONE moniker would be doing more with their devices...

Sorry for the rant, but really, I needed to vent.