Robert Scoble and now Andy Inhatko have switched to Android

Hell has frozen over! But really feels like a sea change. As an avid listener of Macbreak Weekly for many many years, I've seen a slow decline in Andy Inhatko's enthusiasm for iOS and Apple in general. So I guess I sort of saw this coming...but it feels like a punch in the gut. How can he be a cohost of Macbreak Weekly, and not even use Apple products anymore?

It seems like a growing trend where it is in vogue to switch from iOS --> Android. All of these previous Apple fanboys are following trend. I just hope iOS 7 is an amazing update, and all of these switchers see the errors in their way.

As an Apple fanboy myself, it does feel like a disturbing new trend. Like the party is leaving the building and flocking the Google's tent.

Looks like Andy got bitten by the Leo Laporte Apple-hating bug. Thank god we still have Rene Richie.