Need your help on purchasing my new macbook

I'm going to be a new apple convert. I have only ran windows & linux lightly. I'm eyeing two machines. Either a macbook air 13 w/ 8GB of ram or a Macbook air 13 w\ retina (base model). I currently have a dell xps 17 xps that i absolutely hate lugging around. The retina is becoming so hard to resist to buy because of the recent price drops.

My usage will be mostly for programming. I won't be using it for gaming. Here is the thing part of me wants to wait because we all know haswell is in the horizon. I've heard that apple might release the refresh machines in june but we all know it might be mid-late fall before we seem them. I really don't want to wait that long. That doesn't mean i can't it just means i don't want to.

And what are we going to see? Probably more performance & better battery life. Will we see bumps in ram (which would probably make me kick myself cause i really want 16GB).

Then comes trying to choose between the rMBP 13 & Macbook air 13. Probably with the price difference i will probably go with the rMBP but of course its going to be a little slower because it has the push more pixels with the same hardware and i probably will scale the resolution up to 1440 x 900. Is that going to exasterbate the problem i've heard with the studdering. Also don't know if you scale the resolution if it might make things look worse. There is one thing i do like more about the macbook air and thats the screen is not quite as glossy. I don't think a weight difference will be a difference because they are almost the same.

Sorry i know a bunch of random thoughts going through my mind lately on whether i should bite right now or wait. Then again if i bite now and decide to upgrade when the new machines are launched how hard is it going to hit me :). Any help or advice would be GREATLY appreciated.