3DS Friend Codes

I searched for some older threads on this topic and the only one appeared to be closed to further discussion so I'd like to somewhat revive the topic.

I've owned a 3DS since a few months after the things were put on the market, before the price drop. I'm a proud early adopter! I love playing online on my 3DS and would love to get the chance to possibly play with some of you guys from the Verge community.

My friend code is: 4768 - 7479 - 0110

I play:

Mario Kart 7

Fire Emblem: Awakening (I _think_ it has competitive or co-op online, I could be wrong)

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Super Street Fighter IV (Although I don't particularly enjoy it)

Feel free to send me Swapnotes if you'd like as well!

That is all.