Google Glass isn't the privacy-killer the media wants it to be

You’ve likely seen the article run a number of times already, and they will just become more and more frequent as Google Glass gets closer and closer to release. The title of the article is always something designed to scare you, because “Google Glass is going to destroy privacy!” Well look, we’re not as reactionary and easily scared as some others, and we think that the target of the trouble is not Google Glass at all. It’s just a simple fear of the unknown; a fear of the new.

Some people are complaining that Google Glass won’t be a useful product, but that’s also not an interesting argument to us, because if you haven’t used a product, you can’t judge it. There have been countless times when new products have come to market that were something different, so we didn’t know how to process it. And, with Glass as with social networks, location-aware devices, and other technologies, there can be uses that arise after release that we never expected (and likely Google never expected either). Aside from those who want to dislike the unknown, there are also those who would use it to scare people in the name of “protecting the public”.