Aspect Ratio for Hybrids

Sorry for opening this can of worms, but I feel this is a issue worth discussing until there is a real solution.

The argument between 4:3 and 16:9 is not seeing no end, an no party seem to be ceding any ground. My view is, both of them are good for their particular targets. But here is the reason of my post, hybrids; if they are indeed intended to for both the work of laptop and tablet, shouldn't they also have a fitting aspect ratio?

When Pixel was unveiled, lots of people were hating on the aspect ration of 3:2. But in my opinion, this could actually be the perfect aspect ratio for Surface and similar devices.

  • It sits squarely between the widescreen(16:9) and the square(4:3) aspects ratio.
  • Its not too tall for holding in portrait mode.
  • It also will have more vertical space while working in landscape mode.
  • Very close to the aspect ratio of both letter and A4 size paper.
  • It still is wide enough for nicely having all the Windows 8 specific UI elements.
  • And if the number "3:2" scares you, look at an actual possible resolution, 1280*1920.