[Concept] Using Siri to Toggle Settings

Before Reading: I know there are Cydia tweaks such as SiriToggles and SiriPrefs which do the same thing as the following concept below, however, this is a concept of how Apple might do it.

Siri, the virtual personal assistant of your iDevice (some models only), is designed to help the user, with features like being able to dictate text messages or setting up reminders quickly. Commonly used settings, like changing the brightness or disabling the WiFi, have to be toggled through the Settings app. Not very intuitive. Since Siri is designed to help the user, why not use Siri to toggle these settings through dictation?

Siri can be used to change the brightness level without having to be entirely specific about it.

You can also set the brightness level, in specific percentages.

Another commonly used setting, Do Not Disturb, can be more easily toggled through Siri. The user can also use normal human language to do it.

You can also switch Wi-Fi networks.

Siri can also show you how much storage you have left locally, on your iPhone, and on iCloud.

Siri can also show you your data usage, and will have a link to your corresponding carrier app.

However, Siri does have its limitations.

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