8x->820, what would I lose (apart from the obvious)

I'm retiring the 8x as an active phone, making it essentially the same thing as my iPhone 5 (a 'check things out' phone but for WP going forwards). But at this point I'm considering trading it in for an 820.

I might still carry it as a tertiary or 4th handset. In which case I like the fact that I can easily hack the case for a fun element - I can see myself doing quite a lot of that. Also I get the Nokia stuff which I think is of major value. And in using the L800 and the 8x/920 at the same time, I've decided I'm not massively bothered about the last-gen screen. I don't really care about the camera on a phone and we're at a point where any midrange-and-up camera delivers what I need in terms of the occasional snapshot I need to share there and then.

I can't think of anything in particular, but just wondered if there was anything I missed in terms of e.g. support going forwards, apart from the obvious spec differences which I'm likely OK with.