Is there any good new loud, guitar-driven rock?

I grew up on Pearl Jam, Tool, Stone Temple Pilots, Metallica, Helmet, and the like. I still like a wide variety of music, but I am in the mood for some loud, guitar-driven rock. Tool hasn't had an album for a while, STP got poppy, Helmet is gone, Metallica went to the mall and Pearl Jam went ukelele. I need some new stuff.

When I dig through Rdio, I find only....

- Melodic metal with generic-sounding lyrics or terrible vocals

- Whiney prog-metal or nu-metal

- Screaming unintelligible RORRROROROROR metal

My music collection grows all the time, but this one genre is sorely lacking.I'm only 32 - I don't want to be like "the golden age of music is over."

I'm sure there are many out there like me. Can anyone recommend some stuff that would scratch my old-school itch?