Can somebody at the verge tell SONY there displays suck and to start using IPS displays

i want sony to succeed, they nail design., yet they use there TFT backlight displays, okay they look good straight on mainly because they jam a lot of pixels in there, but in reality they are nowhere near ips panels, non existant viewing angles, poor contrast, poor colors (why cant they impliment there bravia engine throughout the entire phone? not just the gallery images and videos)

'i dont view my phone on an angle, but if you see a sony phone in the store, it looks like a low end phone from afar'

you literally have to put the phone on 50% brightness to get a decent viewing experience, above that and the display washes out

so can someone at the verge, mention this to sony, obviously you cant tell them to, but get this point across to someone there

- i have heard online many times that the super lcd2 in the one x is made by sony, if that is the case, i have no idea why they are using there TFT displays, seeing as the one x has an awesome display

is this just to save $$$?