OK so 5-inchers are here to stay...can we finally work on reducing size now?

I don't know about anyone else but the biggest issue for me re: the GS4 release is the size factor. I understand there is now no going back from 5in flagships, for better or worse, but surely this just can't keep growing and growing?

I really wish manufacturers would now start concentrating on reducing the size of the phones around these huge displays. Sony have shown that this is possible with their Xperia ZL that is smaller that a GS3 despite larger screen...I just wish the rest of the industry would follow suit.

I realise that there is plenty of choice in general, but like many others I want a flagship and so have to live with the size. My personal feeling is that the GS4 may be thinner, but will be likely bigger than most other flagships. I guess I just dream of a few years time with near bezel-less 5inchers...but I fear screen size will just creep up and up.