Bye, Lil' blue 620

The company I am working for at the moment has been looking at shifting from Blackberry to either WP8 or iPhone. It's a pretty big deal, we have 500 employees in UK of whom around 200 have company provided phones or shared access to one (the service techs that work for me have them when they are on-call only). There are also operations in 5 overseas locations doing the same exercise.

Our IT people have been running trials over the past 6 weeks and I have had a 620 for 3 weeks of it. I very much got the impression from out IT people that WP8 would be the favoured route from a cost and compatibility point of view and have been pretty much resigned to having one alongside my own private iPhone 5.

I have been really surprised how good it is. The device is totally locked down so only company approved apps can be installed but it has everything i needed for most things and the ability to tether either my work laptop or my own MBA or iPad when required. My techs have also been impressed by them

Imagine my surprise today to be told they are going with iPhones. The reason being given is that senior managers were almost unanimous in choosing iPhone 5's over Nokia 920s or 820s and that many of them already have iPads which are managed by our IT group and have a lot of company specific or company tailored apps (primarily SAP related) on them.

The iPhones will be similarly locked down but the test units had a number of "leisure" apps installed which the WP ones didn't. The IT guy says he also believes Apple will have a system similar to Blackberry Balance in the next OS update.

So I may get a second iPhone. Or maybe not as my current contact at this company finishes May 31st!

Either way I am really glad I had a chance to try WP8 for an extended period and wouldn't be upset if I got one on a future contact or if Apple really screwed up iPhone,

If you're undecided, give the 620 a look - its a lot of phone for the money and the 720 could be even more so