Am i the only person blown away by KDE 4.10?

I'm absolutely addicted to this D.E!



I have always been a fan of Linux and i recently started really getting back into it. I had a very old computer and KDE was unbearable on it, so i decided to go with LXDE. I recently upgraded to AMD FX 6300, 8 GIGS memory and decent video card. I forgot all about KDE until recently browsing the web and seen "KDE has been updated to 4.10" i thought meh, all the other times i used it was horrid why should i try now? My curiosity led me to getting rid of Arch Linux (ATI/AMD drivers wouldn't work for some reason) and installing OpenSUSE. I did all the steps to upgrading and i my reaction was "holy sh*t I've just gone to a Linux heaven", the smoothness, elegance and customization is so addicting. I seriously put the smoothness up with Windows 8 and Mac OSX, the transitions are amazing. I think a funny moment i had was when i put the virus animated wallpaper on and forgot i left it on, i went to go do something and came back to my computer my first reaction was "OH GAWD MY MONITOR ABOUT TO EXPLODE". Overall, i'm very impressed and was wondering other people opinions.