The perfect solution for Hybrids

One of the main complains about windows tablets and hybrids is the aspect ratio , it's to wide to use in portrait mode and i kinda agree. 16:9 [1.78] is great in landscape and mainly for media consumption but in portrait it's just too tall leading to either having things small or having to zoom in and out regularly.

I have a 16:10 [1.6] android tablet and i like to use it in portrait for some tasks, but it still could be slightly wider (but the 4:3 [1.33] of the ipad is too much), maybe a 3:2 [1.5].

But for a pc , IMO, 16:9 it's just perfect ; so what to do ?


Another problem people pointed out as the size , it couldn't be booth a good tablet and a good PC ;

For a tablet 10.1" and 10.6" was good , and 11.6" was still acceptable ; but as a pc is too small , under 13.3" starts being to small to use as a pc.

But last January Intel came up with a great solution in their's "North Cape" prototype , a feature called Smart Frame that would allow the best of booth worlds.

It consists on having on the hybrid with a edge-to-edge screen to reduce device size as much as possible ; but that means that you lose the frame to hold it as a tablet ? No.

The greatness behind the concept is that when you use it as a tablet it blacks out a frame around the screen for you to hold on.

So this way you can get at the same time a 13" ultrabook and a 11" tablet ; booth good to use as either a Pc or a tablet




Getting back to the aspect ratio problem , do you see where i'm going right ?


While reading another topic here in the forum about the aspect ratios of windows hibryds it just hit me ,

Why not use Intel's Smart frame to also change the aspect ratio ?

It's just perfect , not only you get a 13.3" ultrabook and a 11.6" tablet , but is a 13" 16:9 ultrabook and a 11" 16:10 or 3:2 tablet , making it more useful while using it in portrait.



what do you think ?

How it would look like