Q10 question- cost off contract, and regular sim?

I'm in love with the QWERTY keys. I love my wp dell venue pro device, but no ones going to make WP qwerty kbs again. I love how BB kept this design, so now I am looking into Q10 as my next/2nd phone just because of the k/b. I simply cannot just use onscreen keyboard. Ive tested Lumia's, but it really doesnt work for me in terms of productivity. This is my current phone, but it is not going to last me now. Dell-venue-pro-windows-phone-7

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I want this!!!!! How much is this goign to cost off contract? I want to be able to switch sims when I can because I'm sucked into microsofts eco. apps, xbox live, etc. Bpavaroyasslppan1jbu6mxhq4a9tvag0gpyj5ercvu_medium

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