Apple taking away Android's market share in enterprise ?

What do you make of this Lads? Looks like Apple is eating away at Android's damn market share in the enterprise.Damn fools these fandroids ,will keep on glorifying their OS until Apple gives all their behinds a good thrashing with a stout cane.Silly blighters would behave then.

Look at this Lads if you need proof.

"Until recently, the share of smartphones and tablets running Google's mobile platform had been holding steady at 30 percent, while iOS devices accounted for nearly 70 percent of Egnyte's traffic. Over the third and fourth quarters of 2011, the iPhone and iPad took a 28 percent and 40 percent share of traffic, respectively. Interestingly, usage of Apple's iOS products flip-flopped during 2012, with the iPhone capturing a 42 percent share, while the iPad fell to 27 percent.

However, preliminary data for the first quarter of 2013 shows Android impressions fell to 22 percent as the iPhone and iPad gained ground, accounting for a respective 48 percent and 30 percent of tracked users. "

What do you make of it Lads ?