More Pro-feminism Articles Today = More Egalitarianism Posts Tomorrow?

The recent trend in pro-feminism articles may have been a build up to International Women's Day (today), but when I saw this article posted today, too, I thought "oh, maybe The Verge will also start to focus on other facets of egalitarianism in the tech world (or in general).

We also saw the video from yesterday about Tropes vs. Women which was interesting.

In addition to the article about LGBT issues in gaming, I'm hoping that The Verge will also start to focus on more pro-egalitarianism articles with regards to the lack of representation of other minority groups in the tech/gaming world, i.e., non-white heterosexual men. What about Indians, blacks, Hispanics, etc? Hermaphrodites? Disabled/handicapped?

I'm sure there will be editors who will continue to focus on female egalitarianism, and that's great. I'm wondering, however, if there are also editors at The Verge who are passionate about other aspects of egalitarianism that deserve attention, too.