A short story on the Surface RT's utility

Yesterday, at a meeting I called, I found that the desktop connected to the projector in the meeting room was off the network for some reason and no coaxing of the network switch got this to change. I didn't carry a laptop around with me and there were no other available meeting rooms I could rebook to. Instead of having to reschedule the meeting, I was able to run the meeting with my Surface RT. How?

The room had WiFi so I was able to connect into our corporate WiFi network.

The Surface RT has a microHDMI port. The room happened to have a microHDMI-to-VGA adapter for employees that bring their ultrabooks to meetings and want to use the projector with it.

The Surface RT has a USB port. I was able to disconnect the mouse connected to the desktop and connect it to my Surface so I did not have to fumble around on the touchpad.

The Surface RT has a built-in keyboard cover so I was able to type (mostly) comfortably without having to use an onscreen keyboard.

The Surface RT has a solid remote desktop app available on it that is free and created by Microsoft.

So I remoted into my workstation, duplicated my desktop onto the projector and basically had a working computer to run the meeting with. The meeting ended up going fine since I didn't have to run around trying to find a spare laptop and then waiting for the wonders of Windows 7 on an old Dell laptop to startup and authenticate into our domain.

Furthermore, my coworkers were impressed by the utility of the Surface and the ability to do actual work on it in a corporate environment.