Lumia 920 Bricked....Again :/

So last night i went to pick up my phone to discover it was bricked, My first 920 bricked after 2 months and this one has lasted almost 3. Have to send it off to be repaired this time rather than a exchange to a new one...Not really impressed to be honest.

I thought Nokia was supposed to be one of the best in terms of hardware in business? I'm sure alot of other people have had no problems but 2 bricked phones in 5 months when they were just sitting there doing nothing is pretty crappy.

If it happens again i think i will have to look elsewhere, which is a shame because i like Windows Phone but the hardware is letting the side down for me and i only really like the look of the 920.

Let's see what the S4 brings to the table, If it's good then can't really see the point in staying with the 920.

That's my little rant over, But come on Nokia...Sort it out.

Side Note: I have not modded the phone in anyway or played around with the OS, I'm not that technically minded. So I know that i haven't done anything to make this happen.