Google redefining UI among its devices (Android, Glass, TV)

So I brought this up in this discussion thread yesterday :

And it turns out it's actually coming to fruition:

Besides the possibilities this presents for an android smartphone, I think this also clears up a lot of speculation about Glass, Google T.V, and the Chromebook pixel.

Google is working on a unified UI so that all your devices can work harmoniously, with controls that enhance one another. The example that I thought of first was Glass interaction through your handheld device (instead of through voice commands, or awkward glass swipes), but the potential for your android device to serve as a unified controller for your Google t.v., a chromebook (place it on a charging mat and use it as a mouse), or even other other android powered devices (think home automation).

It's pretty much going to be your android device being the controller that will make you feel like you have super powers. It's alike Gabe's vision for steambox controllers :

""The problem to solve is how to interact with a web browser, how to get all the games to support controllers, and how to make it all seamless," he said."

Google is clearly solving this problem by enhancing device hardware with the upcoming X phone, and streamlining the UI across any android device.