Quality of ads on the Verge (Localization gone wrong?)

Lately I have noticed 2 things.

- More often than not the ad spaces on the Verge are blank or non-existent.
- The ads that do appear have significantly degraded in quality.

Today I got the following ads on my tablet.


Clearly this weird stacking of ads breaks the design aesthetic of the verge, but that aside, the first ad is in Dutch, which is correct, since I live in the Netherlands. But it is also one of the shadiest ads on the web. Telling me I'm eligible to win 1000 EUR and actually starting with "THIS IS NOT A JOKE!" in capitals. It's pretty much a scam ad. Knowing the Verge, I doubt this is the intent.

The second one is in German. And while the 'product' is a lot more admirable, I don't live in Germany, you'd be better off serving me English ads. This isn't the only German ad I've seen either. It happens quite a lot on the Verge.

The ad on the top right isn't much better. But mainly because it's cheap and ugly and reminds me of the days when everyone used scrolling text and ugly gifs on every website.


What's weird is that these ads at the moment only show up on my tablet. (ASUS Transformer Prime on all installed browsers)

My two phones (Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4) and my PC don't show any ads at all. The square on the top right is blank and the banners on the top and bottom of the page simply aren't there. No white space either.

For what it's worth, I much prefer the branding ads by Ford or Microsoft that have also been showing up. This seems like a horrible result of localization of ads gone wrong.

Is anyone else experiencing this?